We believe that value of ROL Lithuania increases as the result of doing right things right. We are the supply hub for our customers. This means that certain strategy is set for all hubs ROL manages worldwide:

  • the hub manages and controls manufacturing, supply and distribution of products and services to customers according contract requirements;
  • the hub has the best knowledge and seeks most competitive prices in the region;
  • the hub manages all materials required; the hub controls a specific region;
  • the hub trains it employees to comply with the strategy,
  • business process and ability develop the organization further;
  • the hub has its own departments: marketing and sales, engineering to support manufacturing and customer, purchase and outsourcing, quality and procurement.

ROL Lithuania offers various job roles to implement strategy - both for office and production employees.

Office employees are mainly working in Sales, Engineering, F&C, IT and other support functions.

Production employees are mainly machine operators, welders, grinders, assemblers.



CNC machine operator

Welding operations (TIG and MIG/MAG) of retail equipment components according drawings, work and quality instructions.

  • Welding skills,
  • Good understanding of the drawings,
  • Understand English,
  • Computer skills,
  • Possibility to work in shifts.
  • Good and safe work conditions,
  • Fair salary,
  • Opportunities to increase your competences.

Adjustable table stands production: milling, testing, assembling and packing in accordance with the working and quality rules, work standarts.

  • Work experience in production, 
  • Technical understanding,
  • Computer skills,
  • Understand Engish,
  • Possibility to work in shifts.
  • Good and safe work conditions,
  • Fair salary,
  • Opportunities to increase your competences.